The below results highlight the importance of market timing.  2013 was an amazing year for US Stock Market with the S&P500 returning 32.39% including dividends, a fortunate time to start a blog and post results.  There were some incredible returns if you followed the ideas from the site. If you bought all 30 ideas using the simple criteria you beat the S&P500 by 13.71% with a total return of 46.10%.  Of course, that would have meant holding all 30 stocks without selling the entire year.  And there were no ideas after March.  On the other hand that does not include potential dividends and pyramiding. There were some big winners, so returns could also have been amplified.  EVC at 150.62% and SFUN at 177.10% for example.  The biggest loser was just -12.73% with NSM.

I also ran some calculations if one had held all ideas until end of year 2016 which highlights that most of these type of growth ideas are not intended to be held for years.  One would have returned 43.05% from the time of each purchase, 3.05% less than if one had sold at the end of year 2013.  On the other hand, if one had held onto some of the historically less volatile growth ideas, there were some great returns for those 3 years, such as V 90.29%, PCLN 97.29%, and GOOG 118.11%.  The biggest loser would have been -77.62% with LL.

Overall performance through End of Year 2013:  46.10%

Top 5:

SFUN: 177.10%

EVC: 150.62%

QIHU: 136.91%

JAZZ: 110.90%

LNKD: 83.69%

Bottom 5:

NSM: -12.73%

CVLT: -10.47%

URBN: -9.47%

PHM: -8.74%

SODA: -8.18%

Overall performance through End of Year 2016:  43.05%

Watchlist Performance

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