Follow Up to last week’s 3 Charts – CHUY, CLGX, and LNKD:

  • CHUY:  Surged Friday in volume 4,401% above average.  Rare indeed.  Now up 9.87% from the 25.73 pivot and beyond pivot range.
  • CLGX:  Failed breakout attempt in low volume, though it did offer a relatively simple intraday trade.  Pivot raised though unappealling for now due to the breakout failure and increased volume to the downside.
  • LNKD:  Momentum from the 116.97 pivot continued.  At the beginning of the week it remained in pivot range but by Friday’s close it became extended beyond 122.82. Now approaches all time highs of its 2011 IPO base of 125.50. 

This week:

Antichartjunk Week 5 KORS Chart

Antichartjunk Week 5 LL Chart

Antichartjunk Week 5 OCN Chart

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